High Performance Geothermal Well (HIPE)
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Radial Jetten

With help of the dutch government a number of studies has been organised to decrease the costs of geothermal energy with the help of radial jetting.

The technology has been deployed over 1800 times succesfull in the oil- and gas industry by Radial Drilling Services Inc. The dutch owner of the company founded in 2016 Radial Drilling Europe b.v. which is transfering the technology into the geothermal market.

TNO wrote a report where the effect of radial jetting could be calculated by using the doubletcalc software and a skinfactor of -4 to -6.

Panterra did a deskstudy to determine the effects for the dutch reservoirs if the skin factor is changed from the standard 0, to -6. The different sandstones showed an increase of around 100% of the pressure- and injection index. This improvement can be used for either a lower  pressures or increased flowrate. We think that operators could best increase the flowrate to the maximum heat demand, taken into account the maximum flow rate of the casing. The remaining benefit can than be used to lower the operation pressures.

Although an oil well looks quit simiular to a geothermal well, de the deployment of the technology is more difficult than expected. There are multiple reasons for this. The expected value of an oil job with a few hundred similar wells within a few km distances is far bigger than one or two hot water wells. Customers are therefore very reluctant to take any risk.
The completion is some cases slightly different. A cased well is in the oil industry always cemented, which is not the case in geothermal deployment.

We thank the Dutch government on funding the different studies which makes this project feasible.

The different links show you the deliverables of the different study and an explanation of the jetting technology.

Explanation radial jetting by Henk Jelsma

SPE paper Radial Jetting

SPE Paper Bolivia

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